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Tilt Cloud App - Simplified Set Up Instructions

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UPDATED October 31, 2017:

You can now setup your own Google Sheets based cloud URL with our latest open-source template. The template includes inline instructions on how to copy over to your own Google Sheets account and activate the template as a live web app and get your own cloud URL hosed on your own Google account. See template here:



UPDATED March 7, 2017:

You no longer need to generate your own cloud URL (although you still can if you want). Just leave the cloud URL field blank, tap the check box, and enter your email address as a comment for the Tilt color you want to log. You can optionally name your beer as well.

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NOTE: the following instructions will still work, but we recommend using our latest template (link above) based on the default Cloud URL in our app and Tilt Pi.

We streamlined and simplified our set-up instructions. Just follow the on screen instructions embedded in the templates below:

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