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How to Change the Battery of your Tilt Hydrometer

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If you stop seeing measurements coming from your Tilt. Follow the steps below to change the battery.


  • Rubber gloves (better grip for removing end caps)
  • Battery (CR123A 3-volt, non-rechargeable battery). LiFePO4 rechargeable will work but are lighter and require multipoint calibration, other rechargeable will not (voltage too high).
  • Pint glass of room-temperature tap water, make sure there are no bubbles in it for calibration.


    1. Unscrew end caps.
    2. Push internal assembly out of tube
    3. Pull out dead battery and discard immediately to avoid confusing new vs old.
    4. Insert fresh battery with positive (button end) toward weights.
    5. Insert assembly back into tube.
    6. Hand tighten circuit board end cap first, followed by weighted end cap. To improve calibration, make sure weighted end of assembly is pushed against cap.
    7. Drop into pint glass of tap water to calibrate and test for leaks.
    8. For more details, see the video below:

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