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One of the features built in to our iOS/Android Tilt App is the ability to send data anywhere you want. There are some cloud options out there (including our own Google Sheets solution), but ( is a great option. It's purpose built for Tilt and so is super easy to setup. So I brewed a hoppy, high-gravity lager. Some call it an export lager or imperial lager with a target abv of 7.5%. My chosen yeast was Bohemian Lager from Wyeast. One of the things I've realized using the Tilt from it's earliest stages, is my brews are almost always underpitched. The results are not always obvious, but when using the Tilt you can see how long it can take to fully ferment when underpitched. As you can see in my chart below, the beer really slowed down, toward the end, but hasn't really stopped, just moving really slow... something I probably wouldn't have realized before. I also was able to slowly heat the beer for a diactyl rest toward the end, as you can see with the multi-day temperature bump toward the end. The brew below is actually one of two 4-gallon batches in corny kegs that I brewed at 15psi. The other keg actually finished a week ago because I had accidentally poured more of the starter into it (this is how I know this one is severely underpitched), regardless I think it will finish soon and flavors should be good since I haven't opened the keg and exposed it to any oxygen or anything to infect it. Tasting the other part of the batch, I realized I wasn't a big fan of imperial lagers, too strong for me so I did some online research and found it was not unusual for breweries to brew high-gravity in smaller systems and then dilute the beer with carbonated water. I gave it a try and diluted it down by adding 2/5 gallon to 4 gallons, a small dilution but making the beer much more "normal" now with an estimated abv of 6% instead of 7.5% and final gravity of 18 points vs. 22 points, much more palatable! Next time I'll brew a normal lager and a much bigger yeast pitch.


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