Tilt Hydrometer brew better beer.


The Tilt® hydrometer and thermometer started in 2012 as idea combining game controller technology and our passion for homebrewing and was officially patented by Tyler Bryant and Noah Baron in 2013 (U.S. patent number 9234828). In 2012 Marcus Owens, Tyler Bryant, and Noah Baron founded Baron Brew Equipment on the idea and patent. It took over three years to make a shippable product working mainly nights and weekends to make it happen. After a failed Kickstarter, we finally shipped our first version 1.0 ("Tilt v1") Tilt hydrometer at the beginning of 2016. Since then we have been proud to bring increasingly more advanced Tilt hydrometers and thermometers to the world and have come to appreciate many years serving customers and improving our product. We now offer three different versions: classic Tilt, Tilt Pro, and now Tilt Pro Mini. Watch our video below for a short story by Noah Baron.


Today's Tilt team includes Noah Baron and Marcus Owens. Each individual brings something unique to the project but all share a passion for technology and craft beer. The result of these passions is the Tilt hydrometer and thermometer. Noah Baron (CEO) is the co-inventor of the Tilt Hydrometer and has a background in biotech and home brewing. Marcus Owens (COO) has a background in sales, manufacturing and marketing. Thank you for your interest in Tilt and happy brewing.

- Noah Baron, CEO - Baron Brew Equipment, LLC - Santa Rosa, California, USA