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Cloud Logging Apps

You can use the Tilt 2 app running along side your fermentor to log data online to the cloud. We recommend trying option 1 since it is the easiest to setup. Option 2 lets you copy our cloud logging solution and run on your own Google account (or a new one you create). We also have five different options for 3rd party cloud logging solutions and recommend trying these as well.

Option #1: Use Baron Brew's Google Sheets cloud logging solution

Using the Tilt 2 app, go to settings and enter the beer name, your email address, and tap "Start New Log" twice to start a new local and cloud log. If using the original Tilt hydrometer app, leave the "cloud logging URL" blank in the iOS/Android app settings, a default URL managed by Baron Brew will be used. Enter your email address as a comment to start a new brew log and a link to your Google Sheet will be emailed to you. (watch video below on how to set up)

Option #2: Create your own cloud service. Copy our Google Sheets cloud logging solution and run on your own Google/Gmail account.

Note: You must use a laptop or desktop for setting up Option #2. A smartphone will only work once you have your own cloud URL set up.

Link to Google Sheets Cloud App Templatelink to template

Follow instructions embedded in the sheet.

Option # 3 (3rd party solutions)