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New iOS app just released called "Tilt 2" on the App Store. We are keeping our original app too while in the transition. Check it out!


Cloud Logging Apps

The options below will work with your Tilt app to log Tilt hydrometer readings online to the cloud. We recommend trying option 1 since it is the easiest to setup. Option 2 lets you copy our cloud logging solution and run on your own Google account (or a new one you create). We also have five different options for 3rd party cloud logging solutions and recommend trying these as well.

Option #1: Use Baron Brew's Google Sheets cloud logging solution

Leave the the "cloud logging URL" blank in the iOS/Android app settings, a default URL managed by Baron Brew will be used. Enter your email address as a comment to start a new brew log and a link to your Google Sheet will be emailed to you. (watch video below on how to set up)

Option #2: Create your own cloud service. Copy our Google Sheets cloud logging solution and run on your own Google/Gmail account.

Note: You must use a laptop or desktop for setting up Option #2. A smartphone will only work once you have your own cloud URL set up.

Link to Google Sheets Cloud App Templatelink to template

Follow instructions embedded in the sheet.

Option # 3 (3rd party solutions)