How to Set Up Tilt Pi - Part 1 – Tilt Hydrometer

How to Set Up Tilt Pi - Part 1

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In this part 1 of a blog post, you will see how to download and burn the a Tilt Pi SD card.

First go to and click on the "Tilt Pi" menu item. On the next screen click the "Download Now" button to download the latest version of Tilt Pi SD card image. Note if you want to connect your Raspberry Pi to a monitor, select the HDMI version as described on the page.

Next, open the "Raspberry Pi Imager" app (download it here: Select the custom OS option and then select the downloaded SD card image in the previous step.

Insert your SD card reader with an 8GB card or greater. There is no need to format the card, all contents on the card will be erased and the card will be automatically reformatted.

In the settings option (gear icon) for the Raspberry Pi Imager you can now set a number of configurations for the SD card image that was not possible before. (Note: do not change the hostname, this will prevent Tilt Pi from starting) These instructions will cover only basic settings. First is setting the WiFi password: (Note: in the next blog part of this setup instruction, the WiFi password is entered using another method. If this is already completed, there is no need to complete that part, only one WiFi setup is needed)


After setting the WiFi, go ahead and tap "WRITE" to start making the card. After about 10 minutes Raspberry Pi Imager will complete it's writing operation and you can safely remove the SD card reader from the USB port. For the next step see part 2 here.

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