How to Set Up Tilt Pi - Part 2 – Tilt Hydrometer

How to Set Up Tilt Pi - Part 2

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In this part 2 of a blog post I'll be showing how to configure the WiFi for your Raspberry Pi / Tilt Pi installation. This will be done on a Mac (Windows PC is nearly identical).

Insert (or re-insert after burning) SD card reader / SD card.

Open the drive that appears labeled as "boot" and find and open file "SETUP.html" in Chrome or Firefox browser. (These browsers are compatible with generating necessary text files.)

Enter your WiFi router's name and password and click the button "CREATE WIFI CONFIGURATION FILE"  Note: This will only be used to generate a text file that will be saved to the SD card's boot drive.

After clicking the button, the file "wpa_supplicant.conf" will be dowloaded most likely to your "Downloads" folder depending on your system configuration. You will need to move it to the "boot" drive on the SD card. Make sure the filename is "wpa_supplicant.conf" and NOT something like "wpa_supplicant(1).conf". Below is how it should look:

Next, scroll down on the SETUP.html file in your browser and complete the form to start logging with your Tilt and get an email to the Tilt Pi dashboard. Note: It is required to have a Gmail address to get the emailed link to the Tilt Pi dashboard.

After entering your beer name (or any descriptive name) and gmail address, click the button "CREATE CLOUD CONFIGURATION FILE" See example below:

Save this file in the same location as the "wpa_supplicant.conf" file saved earlier.


Eject the SD card and load the card into your Raspberry Pi.

Plug in your Raspberry Pi and make sure to have your Tilt floating nearby. The Tilt Pi will look for your Tilt so make sure it is on (floating or sitting diagonally).

You should receive an email with a link to your Google Sheets log and about 30 seconds later a link to your Tilt Pi dashboard.



  • If you do not receive either email, you can try resetting the wpa_supplicant.conf file with the wifi name and password again in case it was incorrect.
  • If you do not receive the link to your Tilt Pi dashboard you can try resetting the .json file again.
  • If you would like to connect the Tilt Pi to a monitor, make sure to download the "HDMI" version from the download page.

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