Tilt 4 Windows - A highly featured Windows PC app that stands alone or – Tilt Hydrometer

Tilt 4 Windows - A highly featured Windows PC app that stands alone or Integrates with Tilt Pi

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April 14, 2023 - Originally posted to Facebook by Kevin Kneipper

Tilt 4 Windows


Introducing Tilt 4 Windows (T4W).
T4W has been developed over the course of the last 6 weeks and is currently in beta testing. After the beta testing has completed it will be available to everyone.
What is T4W you ask? T4W is a new software package that allows you to view your Tilt sessions right on your computer!


  • Track up to 8 sessions at a time – all eight shown on a single screen!
  • Associate BeerXML recipe files with your Tilt sessions – This allows you to select a BeerXML recipe file for the fermentation session bringing in the Recipe Name, Description, Beer Color (SRM), Original Gravity, Final Gravity and ABV. Don't have a BeerXML recipe file – no problem you can manually enter this information as well! This allows you to see how your session compares to the original recipe.
  • Text and or Email notifications – ever wanted to know when your fermentation hits a specific gravity? With T4W you can configure up to 5 gravity milestones then receive a text and or email when that gravity has been reached. Want to be notified when fermentation has started and or finished – T4W has that covered too. Plus high and low temperature notifications!
  • Cloud Server (web hooks) support – common web services supported plus you can add any custom ones you would like to use too.
  • Post fermentation report and exporting options – detailed report showing the fermentation plus you can export the raw data.
  • Simple Dashboard screen as well as detailed session screen – view the current status of all sessions on one screen, click the view session button for any active session to view more detailed information including gravity and temperature graphs.
  • Session Editor allows you to adjust, remove session updates as well as reset notifications so you can receive them again (i.e. low or high temperature alerts).
  • Complete Theme (appearance) configuration.
Currently supports Windows 10 and 11 using Bluetooth (built into your computer or USB Bluetooth Adapter) or TiltPi. Older operating systems should be supported however will require TiltPi running on a RaspberryPi as Bluetooth will not be supported with the older operating systems.
Availability – now. see tilt4windows.com
Cost – FREE!
UPDATE April 28, 2023

Tilt 4 Windows

Version 1.0.23
Thank you for all of the feedback over the past week!
  • Smart Plug Automation - T4W now supports some of the smart plugs available to automate heating / cooling. You will now find a Heating & Cooling Devices option in the Configuration menu. Once you have added and tested your Smart Plug(s) they will be available to use and can be selected in the Configure Session. This allows you to set a high and low temperature and T4W will turn on and off the outlet accordingly.
  • My Brewing Log - After you have completed a fermentation session with T4W that session is automatically placed in the My Brewing Log section of T4W
  • The session files contain not only the fermentation session information they also include pretty much everything about the recipe (provided you associated a BEERXML recipe file with the session) and so much more.
  • You can add your gravity readings and your ABV (alcohol by volume) is calculated for you.
  • You can see all of the fermentation information.
  • Lots of areas to add notes about the recipe and how it turned out. Didn't think the beer had enough of one hop flavor - add a note to the Do Different Next Time section, etc.
  • This allows you to keep all of your brewing notes right in the same place that you monitored your fermentation session.
So far very little has come up but here is a list of the fixes in this release:
  1. Made a few changes to the Cloud Server routines.
  2. When an update has been sent to one of the Cloud Servers information will be listed under the T4W Communications so you know an update took place.
  3. Fixed a small issue if you used the TiltPi for the data collection from the Tilts and then switched to using Bluetooth (or the other way around). Tilts were being detected twice resulting in the same Tilt being in the Tilt Profiles twice.
Download is available on the website www.tilt4windows.com
Please let me know if you run into any issues or have any questuins or suggestions. New features are in the works!

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