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Adding calibration points within your Tilt app.

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Here is how you add calibration points to your Tilt Hydrometer.
After replacing the battery and using the "Tare In Water" feature, you can add additional calibration points. Here are the steps...
- Go to settings (click gear icon). 
- Under "Calibrate Specific Gravity" select the color Tilt you have from the dropdown menu.
- Place your Tilt in a known specific gravity solution (you can make one with sugar and water). We recommend using a solution of 1.110 and/or 1.061 (or there abouts).
- Once the Tilt settles in this solution click the "update" button next to the "Uncalibrated SG" field. That will fill in the value the Tilt is reading (which may be off slightly).
- Next type in the actual specific gravity of the solution you made. 
- Click the "Add Point" button.
That will add a calibration point within the Tilt app for your Tilt (in addition to the factory calibration). You can do this multiple times if you like. One or two points are generally sufficient if the factory calibration needs to be tightened up. After changing the batteries I recommend clearing those settings in your Tilt app by selecting the Tilt color and tapping on the "Clear" button within the "Calibrate Specific Gravity" section. Then repeat the steps if needed with the new battery installed.    

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