Keeping with the Trend: An IPA Brewed at 15 PSI – Tilt Hydrometer

Keeping with the Trend: An IPA Brewed at 15 PSI

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In addition to brewing lager under pressure, why not brew ale, specifically WLP001? I understand that some yeasts may not do well in this environment so let's find out with a Brewometer. So far so good...yeast seems perfectly happy. I pitched a bit warm, but hopefully a little warm would be ok similar to how a lager can be brewed "warm" under pressure. That said, I was happy to continue cooling it before the krausen started. This one's brewing much faster than the one in my carboy that was pitched 10 degrees cooler.

UPDATE May 4, 2016: Both the carboy and keg appear to have about the same amount of time left, basically the carboy "caught up". Maybe the warmer temperatures are needed to offset slowdowns from pressure. I pulled out some of the beer from the keg and got mostly yeast, no strange off flavors, but obviously very yeasty. Seems like WLP001 works just fine under pressure. Later I will try brewing at even higher temperatures to see how fast it can brew and see if it can withstand summer brewing!

Looking at the plot below over the last 3 days, shows a downward trend line for SG, suggesting still a little more time to finish up. I will start my Mosaic dry hopping tonight and look for a fully completed fermentation within the next three days followed by a cold crash and racking.


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