Brewing with a Brewometer - High Pressure Lager (Lager Brewed at 15 PS – Tilt Hydrometer

Brewing with a Brewometer - High Pressure Lager (Lager Brewed at 15 PSI)

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The cloud template we provide for Google Sheets let's you save data to the cloud and plot the data to a Google Chart. Google Sheets let you then publish your chart to the web either as it's own web page or as an embed for your blog. Below is a beer I'm currently brewing. It's a high pressure lager -- a lager brewed at 15 PSI and at ale temperatures. The pressure is supposed to make the beer taste like it was brewed at 50F, but not take as long. As you can see below the yeast was pitched at 1.056 so using the rule of thumb of FG is 1/4 of OG, the beer will finish at 1.014. It looks like it's almost done! Just to be sure I'd like to allow 3 days of being at the same gravity, some of the readings 3 days ago were up to 1.017, so I'll let it sit for another day before racking and starting a cold crash. Overall the beer brewed much faster and didn't need to use my kegerator space. I'll report back on the taste, but this graph looks pretty good to me. The temp didn't go above 68F at the highest krausen (steepest slope), so what's good for ale must be good for high pressure lager? A question I can test since the batch was split and have the 2nd half chugging along at 50F.

Update 13 April 2016: Racking and transferring was a little more difficult than a carboy because there is no real racking cane, however it was easy to harvest some yeast that would be great to try for a 2nd round. Beer was already carbonated and tasted great, no sulfury, diacetyl, fusel, "belgiany" or other off flavor and very mild lager flavor. (i.e. creamed corn or metallic). Impressed with the results. Still a little yeasty due to lack of filtering and effective racking. Next time I'll pre-install one of those racking cane widgets or the like to avoid taking beer right from the bottom. Will definitely try again.

My wife says it was "de-lish"!

Recipe for 8.5 gallon batch: 18 lbs 100% bavarian pilsner malt, 2 ounces of US Goldings 60min, 2 ounces of Amarillo at 3min. Tap water treated with sulfite. Hops were kind of random, but it worked out. It's a very lemony, citrus flavor overall and could be mistaken for a wheat beer. Could be served with a lemon. Not too hoppy. Body turned out well-balanced. Looking forward to see how it finishes.

Will update later on the other half of the batch brewed at 50F.

Above: Setup using corny keg, valve, and iPad Mini Brewometer display

Below: Live Data Stream!

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