Tilt™ Pi v.2 HDMI (Raspberry Pi SD Card Image Download for use with HDMI Port)

Same as the Tilt Pi v.2 download but with the graphical user interface (GUI) for using the HDMI port to use the Tilt Pi application with a monitor. Now updated with the March 13, 2018 version of "Stretch" operating system to support the new Raspberry Pi 3 B+. Still works on Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 0 w as well.

(March 2018 version)

(July 2019 version, works on all Raspberry Pi models)

Note: The disk image will automatically startup and log data upon boot, however to customize the system, "pi" is the username and "tilt" is the password.

Additional installed software includes the Raspberry Pi Desktop, Chrome, and additional configurations to support hands free start up. WiFi settings can be configured either with a second desktop or laptop computer (see instructions for Tilt Pi) or by using the Raspberry Pi Desktop interface (see Raspberry Pi website for more detail on configuring WiFi from the RPi Desktop). You will need a USB keyboard and mouse as well as HDMI monitor to setup WiFi.