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Updated Tilt Now Shipping!

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We've simplified our design and as of August 2018 are now shipping our "single-cap" Tilt hydrometer.

The single-cap design means fewer parts and improved aesthetics, sanitation, and durability. The specifications remain the same with a food-grade polycarbonate body, cap and a single nitrile washer to seal the tube. Internal tests have shown excellent performance, comparing well with previous versions, and we are very proud to have stepped up the quality with a fully injection-molded housing. All other specifications remain the same, including diameter, height, and weight.

With hop harvest in full swing, I've decided to make a 7 gallon beer batch with Wyeast Munich Lager and home-grown wet hops. Ingredients include 15 lbs of Belgian pilsner malt and 8 ounces of wet hops (most likely Cascade and Magnum). In the past years, these hops have had very low alpha acid so 8 ounces might sound like a lot. As of August 27, 2018 one of the carboys is in the middle of a diacetyl rest, perfectly timed by reading the SG and fermentation rate with a Tilt hydrometer. The other fermenter is still a few points away from starting the rest. This one fermented slower most likely because of the higher volume and less yeast pitched from the 2 L starter.

Will keep updated the blog as it ferments and lagers. Looking forward to an Octoberfest brew!

Update Sep. 5, 2018

Beer is tasting great even though it's only been a week or so lagering. It's a bit more bitter than expected, most likely the hops are getting more alpha acid as they mature from their initial planting. Next time will use less for a more subtle bitterness. The beer was also higher OG than most lagers, so it's a little heavier FG than what might be perfect. The same beer in the 2nd fermentor I gave more time to drop another point to bring the attenuation up further. Will see if this extra point made a difference!

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