Tilt Hydrometer Battery Level

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We have engineered Tilt for the best battery life possible - 12 months of active use and estimated 24 months of occasional use. However, you may still want to double-check your battery level before committing your Tilt to a fermentation, especially if you expect it to last over a month.

The RGB LED will tell you everything you need to know about battery level. Upon waking up your Tilt (moving the Tilt from a horizontal or vertical position to a floating or diagonal position) you should see 3 green flashes on the LED. This means the Tilt can be used for another brew. If you do not see these flashes you may only have 1 month left of battery. To double check, put the Tilt to sleep and look for 2 blue flashes. If you see these, you will have at least 1 month left of battery. If not, your battery is very low and have an approximate 2 weeks left. At this point we recommend changing the battery. For a detailed explanation see our new video below with tips and a demonstration of running the Tilt with a low battery.

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