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Introducing "Tilt Pi" an SD Card Image Download for your Raspberry Pi 3 or Zero W

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Tilt Pi Setup Instructions

What’s Required:

  1. Downloaded Tilt Pi SD card image file from Baron Brew. Get it here.
  2. PC, Mac, or Linux computer to configure SD card.
  3. Micro SD card, 8GB or more.
  4. SD Card Reader for above computer.
  5. Chrome or Firefox.
  6. Etcher for ‘burning’ an SD Card. Get it here.
  7. Raspberry Pi 3 or Zero W. Purchase here or any other retailer. Required accessories include a usb charging cable and AC adapter.
  8. Tilt hydrometer powered on (not in vertical position). Get it here.

Once you have put together the above 8 items, you can build your Tilt Pi. Below are the instructions:

  1. Burn “tiltpi.img.gz” to 8GB+ SD card using Etcher.
  2. After burning complete, re-insert card into PC, Mac, or Linux computer.
  3. Open “SETUP.html” file in Chrome of Firefox on the SD card named (“boot”) Follow instructions to create WiFi configuration file and Cloud Logging configuration file.
  4. After configuration files have been copied to the SD card, eject card and insert into Raspberry Pi.
  5. Plug-in Raspberry pi with connected micro-USB cable and AC adapter.
  6. Within 2 minutes, Tilt Pi will detect your Tilt hydrometer and send an email with a link to your cloud log and a link to your Tilt Pi interface accessible within your local WiFi network. Note: Tilt hydrometer must be powered on to complete setup.

Functions of the Tilt Pi app are similar to the iPhone/Android app. Please contact Baron Brew at for any issues setting up your system.




Tilt Pi

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